Double Glazing

Glazing is very stressful but so worth the stress as it produces such a unique look.

Double glazing is what I call it when I use 2 different types of glazing on a project. This adds great depth and character to your pieces. I use a dark stain first, like a java brown, and then when that dries I use a glaze mix of regular glaze and and old white. This is the process I used for the dining room set I have been working on as seen in the blog about the 1960's Custom Hutch.

I am now just finishing up the chairs and table set for my clients. Doing this double glazing gives your furniture that old world look. I love this technique!

I am putting on 3 coats of Old White. Then applying one coat of sealant. In this case I am using General Finishes High Performance in Satin. You want to make sure you put on a coat of sealant first before you glaze or else you are going to get nothing but dark stained furniture! After the coat of sealant I start the glazing. Any kind of dark glaze works. I happened to use the Rustoleum java glaze but any dark brown will work. There are lots of companies that sell glaze. The photo below shows some options.

When applying glaze you need to have damp cloths and dry cloths on hand. I use old white t-shirts that I cut up. I find them the best for application. The damp cloths will move the glaze around easily. You will be able to control it much better with damp cloths. I sometimes switch between damp and dry, depending on how streaky I want it.

Once that all dries, apply your old white glaze mixture. I never measure but I would say it is somewhere around 3 parts glaze to 1 part paint - something like that:) You can add more paint if it looks too runny. And with this I used a dry cloth, not damp.

Here is a before photo of just plain old white:

Here is after the double glazing:

Do you see how it now looks old world. Amazing what glazing does!

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