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1960's Custom Hutch

This hutch was a custom job - meaning it was brought to me by clients in order for me to paint.

I'm guessing this is from the 60's or early 70's. It is made of resin. A lot of the furniture back then was made of resin. Very ugly in color but fantastic lines and curves and details and wonderful once you paint it! I love working with this type of furniture.

The clients wanted it to be old white with some dark glazing. Because it had black spots all over it I put on a primer first to make sure all that black was going to be covered.

I then had to apply 3 coats of old white.

The next step was the glazing. I used Rustoleum java glaze. It is very tricky glazing, especially on large flat surfaces and in corners. As expected, the glazing was streaky and I was not happy with it at all. So I had to come up with another glaze to cover up the original. I ended up mixing BM plain glaze with Old White. As I was applying this I realized I hit the jackpot! I fell in love right away with was was happening with all the layering and glazing. The hutch looks like it came out of an old villa in Italy. I love it so much!


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