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Round Pedestal Table Set

This was a typical oak table before I started. I sanded it down with 80 grit first and then moved to 220 grit to smooth it all out. After cleaning it all off of sawdust I applied a wood conditioner. You can buy the wood conditioner here from my affiliate link. Then I stained it with General Finishes gel stain in antique walnut. I sealed it with their gel stain topcoat using sponges and pads. I applied 5 coats of protector. The body and chairs was painted with AS paris gray. I then put on one coat of General Finishes topcoat. On that I applied a metallic glaze from Lowes. It gave it just the right amount of shimmer. I then sealed it all again with the GF topcoat.

Got questions about painting or staining? I have lots of how to videos on my YouTube channel.

More photo's of my work are in the Gallery.

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