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French Provincial China Cabinet Gray/Blue

I have transformed several of these french provincial cabinets. So many people love this style of hutch! They are getting harder and harder to find in their original state. This particular one was painted in a mix of colors. For the blue I mixed up some AS chalk paint in florence, napoleonic and aubusson. It created a really pretty peacock blue. For the gray I mixed together paris gray, pure white, and graphite. It is a deeper gray than the paris gray but not as dark as graphite. These two colors go well together. It is a great idea to give the inside of china cabinets a pop of color! Try it out on your own cabinet!

I did do a coat of white underneath because I wanted to distress in some areas and have white showing through. Then I painted all the colors on, distressed in certain areas (which is always fun!), and sealed with clear wax. I then did some gold leafing on the hardware and little bit of leafing on the doors. Just to give it that shimmer. The leafing is such a great final touch!

More photo's of my work are in the Gallery.

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