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Coral Papered Dresser

I usually line the drawers in the dressers that I paint. Most of the time I use gift wrapping paper but occasionally I will use wallpaper. I found this beautiful wallpaper that had coral sunflowers on it and thought it would be so pretty along with a coral color. So I paired the two together. This was my first time to apply wallpaper on to a piece of furniture. I wasn't sure it was going to work, but it did! It was applied with wallpaper paste, the same as you would use on application to a wall.

I first painted the dresser with scandinavian pink (AS chalk paint). I only did the edges coming down the sides of the dresser as I knew the rest of it would be covered with the paper. I measured the sides and marked those measurements on the paper to cut to size. Then I brushed the paste on the dresser and put up the wallpaper, pressing it down as I was going along. You want to make sure there are no bubbles so you have to check for that. It was much easier than I thought it would be as the paper is thick so it's easier to work with than wrapping paper.

I waxed the dresser with clear wax first. Then I did a mix of clear and dark and applied that to some areas so it would look a little bit aged - I didn't do it too much though. On the paper I did apply more dark wax as I wanted the paper to look aged. It had some shine to the paper so I also wanted that shine to be toned down and I knew the dark wax would help with that.

I scrubbed the hardware clean and used all the original hardware as they were so pretty. Any time I can salvage and reuse original hardware, that's what I do. Old hardware is so unique!

I have lots of how to videos on my YouTube channel of waxing furniture and doing decoupage.

More photo's of my work are in the Gallery.

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