Louis Blue and Cream Dresser

This vintage dresser was painted in Annie Sloan chalk paint in Louis Blue and Old White. I did a bit of distressing on it. When distressing chalk paint you can either use sand paper (I normally use 220 grit) or you can use the wet method of a damp wash cloth or a damp sponge. You have to be careful with the wet method as it takes off the paint pretty fast. It will also lighten the paint wherever you touch with your cloth.

Once I finished the painting and distressing I sealed it with Annie's wax. I used a mix of clear and dark wax. This was mostly clear with a little bit of dark mixed in. I didn't want too many streaks so that's why I only used a little bit of dark. Please read the blog on Chalk Paint and Wax to understand how to use the wax and the paint.

The wax needs to cure for 30 days to be properly cured.

**If you ever have questions about furniture painting or cabinet painting you can call me now and ask questions. Just go to the online store and buy a phone call**

More photo's of my work are in the Gallery.

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