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Crocodile Buffet

I know I was taking a risk when deciding to do a crocodile stencil on top of this buffet/sideboard. I'm not sure how many people would want this look, but I thought it would be really unique and stylish. Sometimes you have to take a risk and just go for your idea, although it seems a little bit crazy:) On this buffet I used the Artisan Enhancement crocodile stencil which I stenciled using their pearl plaster. I love that stuff! I applied it with a rubber spatula. It took me a couple days to do this as I had to wait for each section to dry before placing the stencil down to stencil again. Once it was all stenciled I got some 220 grit sandpaper and sanded it down to smooth it all out. I then applied Annie Sloan dark wax (actually a mix of clear and dark) over top the stencil to give it more depth and age it. I absolutely love how it turned out. The rest of the buffet is painted in Coco and then sealed with clear and dark wax mix. Underneath the stencil I did paint with the chalk paint first. I forgot to take a before photo but it was your typical walnut kind of wood. The hardware is original, I just cleaned it up with bar keepers to give it the original shine. You can read the blog on Chalk Paint and Wax for how to use those products.

**If you ever have questions about furniture painting or cabinet painting you can call me now and ask questions. Just go to the online store and buy a phone call**

More photo's of my work are in the Gallery.

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