Vintage vanity in black teal

This vanity was a mess when we got it. The top layer is veneer and it was peeling all over. So many of the old pieces of furniture have a layer of veneer on the top, unfortunately. So often that just eventually wears off or starts warping. I wanted to take a chance on this though to see if I could get all that veneer off. After giving it a good brush with a sweeper to get rid of all the cob webs and spiders (I think this was sitting in someones dark basement for many years) I then started working on the peeling veneer. I left a damp cloth overnight on all the areas that were peeling. That helps remove the veneer. I then just slowly started stripping it all off. I then sanded all those areas down. After wiping away all the sanding dust I then started painting. For this color I mixed a few different colors together. I mixed AS florence and napoleonic blue and also added Fusion paint color. It gave me such a pretty teal/peacock color. To add depth to this I then sealed it with AS black wax. That black wax made such a difference in the color. I then put on the red flower knobs. I actually put on a layer of black wax on the knobs too. You can read the blog Chalk Paint and Wax to find out how to use those products in detail.

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