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Duck Egg Hutch

This hutch was part of a set I bought with the sideboard I also painted in duck egg (Annie Sloan chalk paint). I love this color so much! As I was painting the paint the top of the hutch started crackling. I didn't have to do any special techniques to get that. Sometimes with chalk paint it just happens naturally. You just never know:) For the inside of the hutch I painted the color french linen. A great color too!

On this hutch I did a glaze on it, just a light glaze. I didn't want the glaze to be overwhelming or streaky so that is why it what just done lightly. You have to be careful with glaze and work fast. You want to have a small bowl of water near by incase you end up putting on too much glaze. Normally I apply the glaze with a damp cloth, and wipe off with the cloth until the look I am going for is achieved. If it looks too streaky, try taking it off with the water. For the sealant I used Modern Masters dead flat varnish. It is a great sealant to use when I don't use the wax.

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