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Little colorful end table

This was a lot of fun to do! For the newbies to the AS world, give this look a try sometime if you like this. I did this for a customer who is not afraid of color and who loves the chippy style. You have to do layering of paint and then distress to show the colors underneath. Of course if you have something that is really detailed (like the drawer fronts on this little table) than it is even better for getting that awesome two tone/distressed look. The top was painted with emperors silk and primer red, layering. I also did a tiny bit of florence. Thick coats. I waxed it. I then let that sit for a couple weeks. Then old white/pure white mix, 2 thick coats, waxed with clear, let that sit a couple weeks, then chipped away at it with a razor and a putty knife. The rest of the piece is just layering of the primer red and florence and old white here and there. Then distress. Then sealed it all with a mix of waxes. The top got 70/30 clear/dark wax mix. The rest got 50/50 mix. You can read the blog Chalk Paint and Wax on how to use these products.

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