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Benjamin Moore Advance Paint Table

Here is a round table makeover I did with BM Advance paint. First it was all sanded down with 80 grit then 120 grit then 220 grit paper (the top). You can buy a good sander here at my affiliate link. I was going to stain it but then saw there were huge stains that would not come out. So that is when I decided to use the Advance paint. I put it on with a small velour roller and then lightly went over that with a brush using very light wispy strokes. This is a good brush to use with this kind of paint (click on my affiliate links) and here are the velour rollers I like. You want to do that after you roll as the paint does dry pretty fast. I think I did 3 coats of paint. This paint does harden nicely and you don't have to use an extra sealant as it already has the sealant in it. The pedestal I painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in graphite and sealed with dark wax. I do recommend using coasters and placemats though as I always do with painted pieces.

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