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Working with BM Advance paint

The BM Adance paint requires no sealing, which is fantastic! The down side is that it takes a LONG time to dry and cure. Don't even think about painting your kitchen in the middle of summer if you live in the South. It is way to humid and humidity is awful with this paint.

In between coats I wait 24 hrs. at least. Sometimes longer. That's why so many people complain about this paint. Also, you need a primer for this paint. Have your primer a close match to the color of the paint. I use the primer that is made for the Advance paint. Make sure you do all the prep first. Read this blog on prep. Once the doors are finished and dry to touch get them hung. If you leave them sitting too long they will get marked up with what they are sitting on. So once they are dry to touch (24 hrs at least) get them hanging back up. I only use the yellow triangles to set my doors on to dry as the point is the smallest mark that can be left, if there is a mark left. But it is important to get them hung back up as soon as they are finished the drying. We are talking dry - not cured. Curing takes much longer. If you are painting kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets go ahead and paint the boxes first. That way when the doors are done you can go ahead and get them back installed. You want some really good brushes when working with this paint. BM makes their own brushes which I do use. Purdy also makes good brushes. It is worth it to buy expensive brushes. This paint is quite thin so you have to be careful. Make your first coat is a thin coat. I always have a few different size brushes on hand. You are going to want a small brush too so you can catch any globs that settle in. I find this paint smooths out better when using a brush over using rollers.

This paint takes a long time to fully cure so be gentle and cautious with everything while they are curing. That can take anywhere from 1 month to 3 months. It all depends on the humidity.

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