Primer red and glazed tables

Here are some tables that I painted primer red. Sorry I forgot to take before photo's - common problem. They were your standard dark wood 1980's style. Because they had a bit of shine to them I applied some clear shellac first. Then I painted on 2 coats of primer red. When that was all dry I started glazing. I used Valspar antiquing glaze. I love how it darkened the red and gave it the black, rich tone. It was applied in 2 menthods - with a brush and with a rag. You want to brush it on, working in long even strokes, and then rub that area with a rag, rubbing in the glaze. If you haven't worked with glaze before it does take some practice. Don't give up though. Glazing gives a unique look. There are so many different types of glazes too. After the glazing was finished I applied wax. No normally you don't wax over glaze, but in this case I did because I wanted it to be even richer and deeper. What was used was a mix of Annie Sloan dark wax and a bit of clear wax .

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