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Gray Contemporary Kitchen Remodel

Here is a kitchen remodel we did using Benjamin Moore kitchen paint called Advance. It is specifically made for cabinets and you do not have to seal the cabinets with anything. So it is faster that way. It did cost around $50.00/gallon, but there is no cost for a sealant. You do have to prime though. We used 2 coats of paint on these cabinets and 1 coat of primer. When you paint kitchen cabinets you want to make sure you clean them really well first. Read this blog on painting cabinets. We took off all the doors and hinges. Label them so you know where they go. We washed them all down with a degreaser (tsp), then denatured alcohol, then water. Then a final coat of wiping with warm water. We did the rough sanding with 220 paper. Remove all the dust and use a tack cloth as your final dusting. Start painting once all the dust is gone. For the inside areas of the door we used a small roller. We used the BM primer made specifically for this paint. Just one coat. The Advance paint was pretty good about not showing brush marks or roller marks. It is known for its ability to level itself. Read this blog on working with the Advance paint. You can buy the yellow pyramid points (my affiliate link) to put your doors on. Paint the back side first. It needs at least 24 hrs in between coats though. Takes much longer to dry! Paint at least 2 coats. When your last coat is dry flip the door and paint the front side. When that is dry hang your door. It is not good to leave the doors sitting on those pyramids too long as they will leave an indent. This paint acts like an oil paint. We did not seal these cupboards since we used the Advance paint. The client wanted her kitchen to look contemporary so we added the stainless steel hardware. You can read my other blog posts on working with this Advance paint.

I have lots of helpful videos on my YouTube channel.

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