Hi there! I'm Rita, the owner and stylist of Restyled Renewed. The studio is in Chattanooga, TN. 

I'm a mom, wife, grandma, lover of all things vintage and sparkly.  I have a true passion for painting furniture. I secretly wish I had the gift for painting on canvas so sometimes I attempt that :)

I am a retailer for Prima Marketing and sell many furniture embellishments, artisan products, craft products, paints, specialty DIY products, transfer, etc. It is all in the Online Store section.  You can purchase products there, buy custom painted furniture, pay for classes, phone calls, etc, through PayPal or a credit card. 


At Restyled+Renewed we love all things to do with a home!   Listed below are the services we provide. 

FURNITURE PAINTINGI love painting and making unique, creative, artistic pieces. I use a lot of different materials and products on my furniture pieces so many hours go in to all my creations. 


CLASSES - I love teaching and I spend a lot of time on live tutorials on Facebook, showing tips and tricks on painting furniture.  I will be producing some tutorials in 2019 that can be purchased in the online store.  I will be moving towards more of that style of teaching instead of in-class as it is easier to sit and learn something in the comfort of your home. If you would like to come for an actual class though, just send me an email. 

RETAILER- I sell all sorts of specialty products in the online store.  The most popular products are the transfers. You will see them often in my furniture. It is an amazing way to add art to your furniture or canvases without having to know how to paint flowers, etc.  There are so many transfers and a wide variety of styles, from steampunk to mechanical to blooming flowers. Go have a look. I also sell brushes, paint, stencils, waxes, canvases, mica powders, moulds, etc. 


CUSTOM FURNITURE - We love painting and styling furniture!  If you have a piece of furniture that you want painted just send me an email.  When you have something painted, it will be custom painted and you will then own a piece (or pieces) of furniture that will be unique and one of a kind, made to your request. If you want something painted a solid color, you might be able to twist my arm to do that for you :) 

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