Hi there! I'm Rita, the owner and stylist of Restyled Renewed. The studio is in Chattanooga, TN. 

I'm a mom, wife, grandma, lover of all things vintage and sparkly.  I have a true passion for painting furniture.  I will be braching out soon to create art on canvas and other mediums.

I started painting furniture many years ago when we just did not have the money to buy new furniture and I couldn't find what I really wanted.  I started painting all our furniture in our house.  That eventually grew into the business and I started painting pieces to sell.  

I love color. I love mixing paints and coming up with colors.

I started out painting just solid colors but now I do all sorts of creative work as solid painting is too boring.  I want to keep trying new things and furniture has been a fun way to explore changing household item into art.  


At Restyled+Renewed we love all things to do with a home!   Listed below are the services we provide. 

FURNITURE PAINTINGI love painting and making unique, creative, artistic pieces. I use a lot of different materials and products on my furniture pieces so many hours go in to all my creations. 


CLASSES - If you would like to learn how to paint furniture or how to do special techniques, let me know and we can  set up a class for you.  I have a YouTube channel (Restyled Renewed) where I have lots of how to vidoes that you can learn from.


CUSTOM FURNITURE - I love painting and styling furniture!  If you have a piece of furniture that you want painted just send me an email.  When you have something painted, it will be custom painted and you will then own a piece (or pieces) of furniture that will be unique and one of a kind, made to your request. If you want something painted a solid color, you might be able to twist my arm to do that for you :) 

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