Custom Furniture Painting

I am a furniture artist who loves to paint and restyle vintage and retro furniture.  I create unique pieces from furniture from old and outdated pieces. I also can paint your furniture for you. There's no point in throwing away furniture when it can be totally transformed with paint and special techniques. Are you looking for a particular piece of furniture? I keep an inventory of furniture and can also shop for a piece for you. 

Classes: Furniture Painting & Cabinet Painting

Furniture painting - Come and take a class and learn the beginning steps of furniture painting. We go over everything you will need to know to start furniture painting. Are you wanting to learn a certain technique or certain application? Specialized classes are available also. 

Cabinet painting - have you been wanting to paint your own cabinets but just don't know where to start because it seems overwhelming? I will go over everything with you, from all the prep needed, to paint options available, to the actual painting, to the sealing of the cabinets. 

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